Free Online Dating Rant For Guys

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Right I am referring here to sites such as Craigslist and okcupid…

If your a dude your motivation is likely going to be of a sexual nature, it might not be but I am going to assume that you are in it for the tail.

If you want to have any sort of success with free online dating sites it is crucial that you suppress the urge to come across sexual in any way. You will soon find out that most of the women on the sites are looking for a casual meet up and a chat over coffee.

They are not looking for sexual chat with some anonymous guy, most of them are not looking to meet up for secret sex weekends.

If you are after casual flings then go to adultfriendfinder! Free online dating sites are NOT the places to divulge your sexual desires and fetishes. Women have big sensitive radars for that sort of bullshit especially online.

Within Craigslist you will see women specifically state that you cant be

in a relationship


looking for naughty chat

looking to meet up somewhere for sex

And that you have to be:


Interesting and have some cool hobbies

Quote “be able to hold down a NORMAL conversation”

If women are specifically stating this in their profiles then they are obviously getting creepy discreet messages about how hot they are and whether they want to meet up tonight.

Craigslist Personals Alternative

Chico Craigslist

Terre Haute Craigslist

Fort Smith Craigslist

Joplin Craigslist

Come on guys WTF!!!

Control yourselves!
The sexual intimacy will come thick and fast once you have shown women that you can be trusted. This involves the NORMAL “interview” process. The more you read the PL dating tips and the better you get at being:


Self Reliant


Conversive (ease of conversation)

the more success you will have will with women and as a result this will lead to intimacy. If all you want is sex then join a local swingers club or again sign up with some adult site or fling site. You cant take shortcuts when you join innocent free dating sites, sure women will have motives and intentions of their own but they require the initial trust and initiation phase so give them what they want.

I think you know intuitively the types of women that join adult fling and sex sites … And I have a feeling that your not into those sorts of women . What you want is an innocent kind and attractive “girl next door” and you just cant find these types at filthy adult sites.


So by joining plentyoffish and looking for sex you are attempting to take a shortcut straight to the game. 99% of the time it just does not work without first showing her your good side and putting in some effort (which is the fun part anyway)


One of the most enjoyable stages of any relationship is the flirting and sexual tension phase. This is what girls love and are great at. So don’t go skipping the fun part! At Craigslist come across completely neutral, like you would when trying to establish a friendship with someone. (because that’s what you’re doing any way)

You want to come across approachable online – the more the better


Social Proof:

A picture with you and other girls and guys


Or you with you and a puppy


A picture with you on travel

Use absolutely no sexual references at all and indicate you are simply there to make more friends and see where it goes.
Set up dates at a mutual location

That is the end of the line for the use of free online dating sites. You are better off not trying to establish chemistry or “sexual tension” online. Once you have her number then you can ring her up or text her with some phone game